Thursday, December 31, 2009

Full spectrum dominance moves out into the open and into the Yemen

With the 'Times' reporting that eight people including "at least four CIA agents have been killed in a suicide attack by an Afghani on a US military base in Afghanistan" we might remind ourselves that no Afghanis have blown themselves up outside their own country and that the pretext for Washington's war there is in fact catching the ever elusive bin Laden or, as a minimal goal, ensuring that 'Al Qaeda' are deprived of a base from which to operate. Off they go, in search of the "baddies", the "terrorists", and while pursuing them under the guise of making the world a safer place the neo con agenda is implemented; the United States uses its military supremacy to establish an empire that includes the whole world; a global Pax Americana. That's right folks, "full spectrum dominance" and now off they go into the open and into the Yemen.

The US has been involved in the Yemen since late 2001 and in order to facilitate Washington's pursuit of the "baddies"the government in Sana'a has allowed small groups of U.S. Special Forces troops and CIA agents to operate in the country. Now the covert activities of "Uncle Sam" are out into the open and as recently as two weeks ago US fighter jets were launching attacks on the the northwestern province of Sa'ada where Houthi rebels, who belong to the Zaidi Shia sect, are based and this is where it becomes interesting because as late as october we were being informed that the Yemeni government were enlisting the 'Al Qaeda' to help them crush the  Houthi opposition movement along the Saudi border in the north. Indeed, it becomes all the more interesting when we read that the Saudis have also been attacking Shia Houthis on the Yemeni side of border and that the rebels in turn are supposedly being supported by Iran who provides them with money, arms and training.

All a bit confusing? Not for Washington and first we have American planes killing at least 70 civilians and injuring more than 100 others in the northern district of Razeh as they do their Yemeni and Saudi allies dirty work and attack the Houthi rebels in the north and then a few days later we have our "nobel laureate", Obama, ordering strikes against two "suspected" 'Al Qaeda' sites, which, along with raids carried out by the Yemeni security forces, leave as many as 120 people, including many innocent civilians, dead.

Yes,  and back in the kingdom of the blind, the mainstream media pumps out its daily drivel and we are told today that Washington is planning to retaliate and target 'Al Qaeda' targets in response to the Detriot "bomber", Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, who is supposedly an 'Al Qaeda' operative, when, of course, the Americans are in fact already bombing all and sundry on the southern tip of the Arabian peninsula. Yes, a half truth covers the lie and innocent civilians die as "full spectrum dominance" moves out into the open on the Arabian peninsula and the Horn of Africa.

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