Friday, January 29, 2010

Tony Blair at the Chilcot Inquiry

Tony Blair slides in and out of side doors to avoid a confrontation with the British public and then there he is grinning and the spinning in front of the relatives of dead British soldiers who managed to get into the hearing. The lies, the smugness, the denial, the connecting 9/11 to Iraq, are all to be expected and no story here so there will be no paraphrasing the details of the sham. 

However, one point that does have to be made is this; the type of questioning and tone of questioning Mr Blair is being subjected to by an inquiry whose five members were all appointed by Gordon Brown and which includes at least two known suppoters of the Iraq war,  one of whom, Sir Martin Gilbert, is most definitely a Zionist and a great admirer of Tony Blair, is reminiscent of the type of questioning one might be exposed to when returning faulty goods that are covered by a comprehensive guarantee.

Indeed, the only point that has to be made about this farce is that Tony thinks it would have been better to have had the green light from the UN before going to war with Iraq but that it was, nevertheless, not wrong to remove Saadam Hussein. He really, really doesn't get it, does he? The inquiry appears not to get it either and really, it would appear that the majority of the British public still don't quite get it; A UN resolution authorising military intervention was never given and this green light from the UN was not an option it was necessary and this, of course, means that whatever Tony thought about Saadam is neither here nor there. There being no authorisation from the UN to attack Iraq quite simply means that Tony ,against the advice of the attorney general and his own legal advisors, took the United Kingdom into an illegal war that has left upwards of one million people dead.

One can only sympathise with the relatives of the dead , some of whom were exposed today to the spin and grin. If there is any comfort for them it is that, despite this farcical inquiry, they are most certainly not alone  in knowing that their loved ones died because of an illegal war of aggression. However, unfortunately for all of us a lot of people just don't get it, including, no doubt, the swaggering, smug, strutting, supercillious, self-rightous Tony Blair himself. One can only surmise as to where he got his chutzpah.

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