Saturday, January 30, 2010

The next illegal war is in the offing

He was never pushed on the legality of the war, he was never going to be and there he was during his "ripe for an oscar" "je ne regrette rien" performance telling us all that "many of the arguments that led him to confront the "profoundly wicked, almost psychopathic" Saddam Hussein seven years ago now applied to the regime in Tehran." Oh, and there must be some truth in that because only a few hours later we have the dotty old Zionist, Shimon Peres telling Yukia Amano, the new IAEA chief that "a nuclear Iran poses a threat to the entire world." 

Of course, the incoherent, incohessive, inconclusive verbal diarrhea that Peres and Blair spout out is not to be taken seriously: Or at least the nonsense that Iran is a threat to world peace is not to be taken seriously. However, the frequency with which this crap is being voiced by the neo-conservatives and Zionists and the infrequency with which it is being challenged in the West should be taken seriously. All the more so since the real challenge,  a challenge regarding the legitimacy of an illegal war, suffered a major defeat yesterday. Of course, that never really was part of the remit or at least it appears not to be part of a  remit which was "...... to examine the United Kingdom's involvement in Iraq, including the way decisions were made and actions taken, to establish as accurately and reliably as possible what happened, and to identify lessons that can be learned." Nevertheless, we might safely conclude that Britain's involvement in Iraq was illegal, that the decisions made by Blair disregarded legal advice and that the main lesson learned is the one that has been learned by the warmongers and that is that there will be no consequences for them when it comes to ignoring international law when they and their minions launch an attack against Iran. 

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