Saturday, February 27, 2010

Chutzpah and a trip up the Vitosha mountain

Another day in Sofia and tomorrow we are driving to Veliko Turnovo, no time for the daily drivel and certainly no time for anything too cognitively challenging, at least today. The chutzpah implicit in one particular headline - "Is Iran "inviting" Israel to strike its nuclear facility? " - in today's 'Haaretz' invites a comprehensive response, or does it? No, I will content with myself with a "no, of course not" and not only is there no invite, this is also dangerous drivel of the worst sort and back to the day in Sofia.
This morning I was confronted with socialist realism in the form of Bulgaria's National Museum; pleasant enough but the location more than the contents are probably the "must see" or at least the attraction and then it was off to a gallery of modern art where you can purchase lithographs of Picasso, Dali and a couple of others from about 900 euros upwards. Well, it is art ..... but the fiftieth edition ... and the girl fobs it off with an "it's only 900 euros". Well, with the "socialists" there was at least a "realism" of sorts albeit an, at times, hardly desirable one of the Stalinist variation. Anyway, then it was "shopska" salad in 'Lucina's', a favourite from my stint in Sofia, followed by a couple of cups of coffee in a nice modern little place called 'Coffee Heaven' before going on to pick up the car for tomorrow's drive and that led us to a short sojourn up the Vitasha mountain. The picture in today's post and as you can see winter is still there or thereabouts in South East Europe.

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