Sunday, February 28, 2010

Families of dead civilians to get less money

The 'Guardian' informs me that: "In the past, Britain has paid an average of £7,300 for every civilian death in war, although the last figures available, for the year ending April 2009, show that figure had fallen to £2,900." Well, with the news that toll of civilian casualities is increasingly by leaps and bounds despite General McChrystal's promise to reduce them, that would seem to at least make good business sense for Washington and its sidekicks who are seriously strapped for cash at the moment.

Yes, there are maybe "lots of didn't expects" here and they didn't expect to be there quite so long, they didn't expect our economy to be totally fucked up by a group of corrupt bankers and they didn't expect to have to kill quite so many civilians and have so many of their "own" killed. However, nothing, nothing they can. or do do, is going to surprise me too much.

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