Tuesday, February 23, 2010

With friends like Israel

The family of the American activist Rachel Corrie, who was crushed under a military Caterpillar bulldozer and died shortly afterwards. is taking the Israeli Ministry of Defence to court. Three Britons and an American, members of the International Solidarity Movement, the group to which Corrie belonged and who were at the scene in Rafah will be allowed into Israel to give evidence. Possibly, probably,  just one more deliberate murder, which Israel will try to deny and, interestingly the 'Guardian' reports that "a Palestinian doctor from Gaza, Ahmed Abu Nakira, who treated Corrie after she was injured and later confirmed her death, has not been given permission by the Israeli authorities to leave Gaza to attend. Well, they certainly don't want doctors giving evidence and anyway Palestinians as a rule are not allowed out of the iron cage that is Gaza.

Of course, the illegal blockade of Gaza continues and apart from the occassional bomb that causes the extrajudicial killing of some poor farmer, fisherman or some poor soul who got too close to Israel's fence not much can get in or out of there anyway. And we have just another crime to add to the slaughter of the 1,400 there last year and Rachel Corrie's death although the murder of a young American female, a blockade that is illegal and cruel and the vindictive killing of Palestinian men, women and children are but footnotes in a catalogue of crimes that goes all the way back to 1948 at least. Yes, while it might be difficult for a"Joe Soap" and an "Otto Normalverbraucher", who digest their daily dose of the daily drivel that the Zionist press spouts out, to comprehend it even the mad murdering spree in Gaza last year only represents the tip of that iceberg which might be seen to put Israel beyond the pale.

It is with this in mind that we can tune into Tzipi Livni, who today said that: "the death of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh was good news" and followed up by adding that "the entire world must support those fighting terrorism: an American, British or Israeli soldier regardless if he is in Gaza or Dubai. The fact that a terrorist was killed, and it doesn't matter if it was in Dubai or Gaza, is good news to those fighting terrorism." Tzipi Livni is, of course, the war criminal mentioned in sunday's post and I am not really sure what she means about "American and British" soldiers being in Gaza or Dubai. Still, what she unwittingly implies with her incoherrent gobbledegook is not totally wrong but just to set the record straight; Brits and Amercians are also killing civilians.  

However, wait a second it is happening again! The drivel, the gobblydegook, the nonsense and all of a sudden we are side-tracked and, while the extrajudicial killing of people you don't like is, despite what Tzipi and her ilk think, not only illegal but also immoral and while it is something that the Brits and the Americans are also wont to do, the point is that the criticism from Israel's friends is that the passports used by the killers in Dubai were passports from those same friendly countries; countries which, like Israel, really do get up to some nasty shennanigans of their own and who really do consider themselves friends of the Zionist state. Yes, maybe it is not even its catalogue of crimes that puts Israel beyond the pale, after all "John Bull" and "Uncle Sam" are hardly innocents, but rather the fact that we have a very unique little entity here, a veritable law unto itself, that denies murder when it is caught red-handed and which is even willing to use and abuse its partners in crime when and as the need arises. Yes, it really is quite a unique little entity that oxymoronic "Jewish Democracy", our "plucky" little Zionist state with its "us and the rest of the world" mentality, it really, really is!

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