Monday, February 22, 2010

More civilians are slaughtered in Afghanistan

We just don't know how many civilians were killed in Marjah because on top of the 19 civilians that human rights groups say have died it just might be that at least some of the reported 120 "insurgents" killed were  actually civilian. We don't know but what we do know is that not content at killing men, women and children in Marjah the harbringers of war decide to give chase 150 miles down the road to what they believed to be a group of insurgents and ended up killing at least 27 civilians.

That is what we know but what we don't know is that this latest atrocity was not a part of 'Operation Moshtarak'. Or it wasn't at least according to the  'Guardian'. However, the 'New York Times' reports that: "The Special Forces helicopters were hunting for insurgents who had escaped the NATO offensive in the Marja area, about 150 miles away." Would this then not suggest that it was a part of 'Operation Moshtarak'? Nevertheless, does it really matter one way or the other? What we do know is that civilians are being killed in Afghanistan on a daily basis and what we do know is that killing civilians is a war crime. Therefore, we know that war crimes are being committed every day in Afghanistan. We know this and in knowing this we should be at least no longer prepared to let the drivel spouted out by a lackey mainstream media and an invertebrate political class go unchallenged, because it is only by challenging it that we are not aiding and abetting the perpetrators, the criminals, it is only by challenging this nonsense that we ourselves are not guilty of a crime.

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