Friday, February 12, 2010

Revisiting yesterday's story of the incident at Taffouh junction

The 'New York Times' reports that: "The soldier, Sgt. First Class Ihab Khatib, 28, a Druse from Galilee, was stabbed while sitting in his parked military jeep with the window open at a junction south of Nablus. He tried to drive away but lost consciousness, and the jeep overturned. He later died of his wounds." The 'Guardian' follows suit with: "A Palestinian assailant killed a soldier in an Israeli military jeep near a West Bank checkpoint today , the military said. The soldier, who was alone, was waiting at traffic lights when the attacker reached through the window and stabbed him, according to the army." The mainstream drivel falls into line as the "unadultarated" Israeli version of events is fed to "Joe Soap" and "Otto Normalverbraucher" and the next time a Palestinian child is shot dead or a house flattened we will read; "well they were provoked."

It is not only the fact that this is the official Israeli version of the incident at the Taffouh junction, but also even if, contrary to what most of us with any reasonable ability to deduce might think, this version is true it is not being put into its proper perspective. There is an illegal occupation and what we have is a soldier who is helps in that occupation being killed by someone who he has been helping to oppress. It is not to be expected that the Israeli media is going to pick up on that fact, however, should our mainstream drivel not at least mention that we are talking about "occupied territories" here? Indeed, shouldn't we actually be questioning why there are not more incidents of this sort? After all, a whole people is being illegally occupied. No, the mainstream drivel not only falls for the uncorroborated Zionist version of the story hook, line and sinker, but it also fails to put that story into its proper perspective. This is absolutely scandalous and we should not be surprised when we see the Israeli version of this little story, being used as part of a bigger pretext to clamp down on "terrorism" in the West Bank when it is opportune to do so.

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