Friday, February 12, 2010

the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth

The story from the Israeli press is that Ihad Khatib, an IDF career soldier from the Druze community, was stabbed to death on Wednesday by a PA policeman. And with the Israelis admitting that there was no indication in the the accused's home that organizational affiliation or  ideological reasons provided the motivation and with the "killer's" father saying that his son, Mohammad Al-Khatib, was "very mild-mannered and I do not believe he would do this," we might at least suspect that there might be more to this story than meets the eye. 

That "more" might be provided by Kawther Salam who writes; "Our sources from the Taffouh junction (the "scene of the crime") stated that at around 1:50PM an Israeli military jeep deliberately ran over a Palestinian man who was walking in the street near the barrier. The eyewitness said that the jeep overturned on the pavement in the vicinity of the incident. The sources added that another Israeli settler who was in the same area during the incident was seen running out of his car with a knife in his hand." She then goes on to add that the Palestinian victim was left lying on the road, while the Israeli military took the soldier out of the overturned jeep and that the eyewitness "strongly denied the fabrication of the IDF in which they claim the Palestinian stabbed the soldier to death.

Finally, Ms Salam goes on to provide us with some technical details including the fact that the door of an IDF jeep automatically shuts from the inside and cannot be opened by someone from the outside and she also provides us with two photos from the alleged "scene of the crime", including one of the overturned jeep. Of course, these could be forgeries and will probably be condemned as suche by the Israeli authorities. Nevertheless, it is not only Mohammad Al-Khatib's character reference from his father and the admission by the police that the "killer" was not ideologically motivated that would want me to put on my little Sherlock Holmes hat and at least investigate this "terrorist attack" a little bit more. After all, it is not as if they "our" Zionists are actually averse to telling even bigger porky pies, is it? And did you ever hear the one about the land without people, or the one about the big bad terrorist who was hiding behind a three year old child?

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