Friday, March 19, 2010

Don't ask and we won't tell

Apparently Netanyahu is to tell Obama that he cannot go back on the Ramat Shlomo expansion plan because of legal reasons and we really find ourselves in right in the middle of some Orwellian "good is bad and 2+2=5" world. He cannot revoke the plans to construct on occupied territory because of "legal reasons", when even being in that territory is illegal in international law.  Still, Netanyahu has a good offer for the Americans and while it won't mean that there will be a freeze on the illegal settlements, after all in the land of gobblydegook and newspeak, in our oxymoronic "Jewish democracy", that would be "illegal", it will be mean that if the Americans "don't ask", the Israelis "won't tell". 

Now, one might want to laugh of this nonsense, however, not only is it facilitating the murder and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians while insulting the intelligence of the rest of us, but it is also a tried and tested policy and one which, for Israel, would seem to work. Don't ask them about Dimona and they won't tell you, don't ask them about their escapade in Dubai and they won't tell you, don't ask them about the thousands of Palestinians they have locked up in their jails, and ....... Well, you get the picture, and the real problem? Well, Washington might even consider this a good deal. Yes, it is a mad, mad, world!

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