Sunday, March 21, 2010

Netanyahu is off to see his friends in America

It has to be emphasised that reading drivel of the sort I was confronted with this morning has a slightly negative effect on my sunday morning. 'Haaretz' probably takes the biscuit when it comes to offending our good tastes with its. "Netanyahu bows to U.S. demands ahead of Washington visit" especially when we delve into what this "bowing" actually implies. Has he decided to revoke his decision to build 1,600 homes in occupied east Jerusalem? No, he hasn't and we can read that: "The prime minister refused to revoke a decision to build 1,600 Jewish homes in Ramat Shlomo in east Jerusalem. But, didn't I just read that Netanyahu has "bowed" to American pressure.

Alright, alright, but what has he done? Well, he has made, or rather, will make several goodwill gestures; there is a promise to ease the blockade of the Gaza strip and he has, apparently, agreed to release hundreds of Fatah-affiliated prisoners. Anything, I have missed? Has he agreed terminate an illegal blockade that is leaving men, women and children maimed for life, has he agreed to end the construction of housing on occupied territory completely? Has he really done anything, after all he has not even agreed to go back on his decision to build the 1,600 homes in east Jerusalem? Well, we are also told that he has  agreed to discuss all core issues during proximity talks with the Palestinians. "All core issues" and have I got this right; Jerusalem is willing to discuss United Nations General Assembly Resolution 194 and UN Security Council Resolution 242?  

It should be pointed out that with the UN chief Ban Ki-moon calling for an end to the Gaza blockade and with the world at large increasingly unable to turn away from this disgusting crime, Jerusalem is bowing to the inevitable at a time when it is opportune to do so. Or do we expect them just to let 1,500,000 just to die in front of the international community? Well, they might not quite get away with that just yet and when Jerusalm really cannot get away with something it will bide its time. No, it is time for Bibi to make his goodwill gesture and after his speech to the  American Israel Public Affairs Committee and his little tête à tête with HIllary we will have the daily drivel presenting a generous Benyimin Netanyahu to the world at large as a "man of peace". Some of the "dangerous" Fatah "terrorists" will be let out of Israeli jails and the "home front" and the international community will show total indignation if Gilad Shalit is not released. 

Therefore, this is the scenario; the illegal building will proceed apace to create more new realities on the ground. Indeed, realities, which might even prompt the Israelis to react with a "get realistic" should the Palestinians attempt to bring up resolutions 194 and 242 in any "final status" talks, while any resistence shown by the "ungrateful" Palestinians, who have had the blockade relaxed, will be punished severely. Of course, with the illegal building proceeding apace, I have forgotten to mention just one more thing and the 'Guardian' writes that Netanyahu has "agreed to an "oversight system" to prevent a repeat of the embarrassing incident that occurred during a visit by the US vice-president, Joe Biden, two weeks ago, when plans to build 1,600 new settlement homes in Ramat Shlomo, in east Jerusalem, were announced."

Yes, what a good idea, an "oversight system", a very clever "newspeak" repackaging of Jerusalem's "don't ask and we won't tell" and if they don't tell, the daily drivel is not going to make it easy for us for, while Jerusalem and its allies in Washington start to implement their "end game",  I actually needed 'Haaretz'  to tell me that Ban Ki-Moon hasn't only condemned the Israeli blockade of Gaza and demanded that it be lifted but has also stated that said that Israeli building anywhere on occupied land - including in east Jerusalem - is illegal and must end." Of course, there is still hope that, while Israel creates its new realities on the ground, as I write this, the more pertinent reality is still the one which is being expressed by Ban Ki-Moon and it is this reality, along with that one which is given experession through United Nations General Assembly Resolution 194, which should be the starting point for any negotiations. We shouldn't hold our breaths though and with Washington, no doubt, ready to accept "oversight system" as a more acceptable version of the "don't ask and we won't tell" offer and with the "corrupt to the core" Palestinian Authority about to be inundated with "offers they cannot refused", while being portrayed in the international media as being unreasonable if they do, we might just see international law being flouted once again. That, if nothing else, should be of concern to even the most myopic and docile among us.

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