Tuesday, March 16, 2010

There might be method in Bibi's madness

The 'Guardian' reports: "The US secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, today demonstrated a new-found steeliness towrads Israel  by making it clear she was expecting it to back down in the row between the two countries and offer concessions needed for a resumption of Middle East peace talks." "Offer concessions", what absurd ridiculous nonsense and the Zionists in the United States and Israel play out their disgusting "little" game as Netanyahu tells his friends: "With regard to commitments to peace, the government of Israel has proven over the last year that it is commitment to peace, both in words and actions."

Still, we get spoon fed with the most disgusting drivel, don't we? "Obama runs out of patience with Israel", "Israel feeling rising anger from the U.S." and Hillary with her "Israel must prove it is committed to the Mideast peace process with actions". Yes, serious stuff and enough to make Bibi and his boys shake in their boots if it were not for the fact that not only are the reprimands insincere and farical but they are also immediately followed by Hillary, "brushing aside suggestions that US-Israeli relations were in crisis and reaffirming America's steadfast commitment to the security of the Jewish state" and Joe Biden stressing  that the United States had "no better friend than Israel". Yes, "the security of the Jewish state" and who knows, we might even have Netanyahu putting a hold on his plans and doing even more to prove his commitment to peace and once he does that, all the little quislings from the Palestinian Authority will have to prove themselves "true partners for peace", fall into line, take the Zionist money and run. Methinks that the odds on Benjiman Netanyahu and Mahmoud Abbas picking up the Nobel Peace Prize have just shortened.

Yes, there might be method in Bibi's apparent madness, his "spitting" in his friends faces, and they really, really are angry, aren't they? Bibi backs down, the daily drivel informs us all that he has proven himself a great statesman and the Palestinians have nowhere to go but to "negotiate" themselves out of existence. The "peace process" has won the day, and for all those who cannot accept the Zionist end game, there is a "ban of empire", beyond the pale the lot of them, "terrorists"! However, let us bring some sort of sanity into this madness.

"Negotiations", no need for them! That is right, no need; well the only thing that has to be negotiated is the dismantling of the illegal settlements and how to end the illegal occupation and the "peace process"? Well, our IDF bully boys just have to stop bullying, occupying and killing. Still, it is not all over yet and the 'Guardian' goes on to tell us that Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah movement is facing pressure from its own largely defunct military wing, the Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades, which is demanding to be allowed to resume the armed struggle against Israel. Could all backfire, couldn't it, Bibi's plan? Well, once Netanyahu gives his thumbs up and temporarily "suspends" the building of new settlements in East Jerusalem and once Abbas then agrees to meet him and shake his hand, it is going to be difficult for Fatah's "largely defunct military wing", for 'Hamas', for anyone to take up the cudgel in defence of the Palestinians. After all they will only be disturbing the "peace process" and the "men of peace". Yes, there might be method in Bibi's apparent "madness".

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Frank Hope said...

I echo your sentiments in an article on my blog which I titled "Kabuki - US and Israel style". Please have a look and let me know what you think. Here's an excerpt.
[Great blog, BTW! I have you on my blogroll.]

The only reason the US is angry now is because their is a perceived direct insult towards us by Israel. They can kill and maim as many Palestinians as they want and the US will remain silent. They can destroy Palestinian homes by the hundreds and the US will remain silent. They can even murder a US citizen - as in the case of Rachel Corrie - and the US will remain silent.
So don't get all excited about these recent events and expect them to result in any substantive change in the US-Israeli relationship. Real change would be the US Navy breaking the siege of Gaza to deliver much needed food and supplies. And that's just not going to happen. Real change would be the US permanently cutting off all aid to Israel - especially military aid. Again, not happening.