Monday, March 15, 2010

Sainsburys' selling Israeli produce from the Occupied Territories

Almost inadvertently, or at least accidently, I stumbled on a little 'Sainsbury' thread tonight that had me revisiting my post on the movement for boycott, divestment and sanctions for Palestine, (Global BDS Movement) and there was me reading the most disgusting, naive, nonsensical, apologetic drivel imaginable by 'Sainsbury's' in response to one constientious, but at times not contentious enough, shopper who writes: "Yesterday while shopping, I noticed that herbs for sale in Sainsburys were sourced from "the West Bank". Does anybody know whether this means that they are from Israeli settlements in the West Bank or whether they are produced on Palestinian farms?"

The mysterious Mark speaks for Sainsbury's and says; In some of our stores we do stock a Palestinian Fairtrade olive oil. Let us know where your local store is and we can find out whether it's available or not. " And goes on to add: "Our herbs come from both Palestinian and Israeli farms on the West Bank." While elsewhere we learn that Sainsbury's position is that "it is not a political organisation" before going on to tell us that "Customers want to buy fresh herbs all year round." These twats really don't get it, do they? Nevertheless, I will try to remind them.; all Israeli economic activity in the OTs is illegal under international law. So Sainsburys; while you think it might be jolly decent and fair to take products from both Israeli and Palestinian farms, it is in fact a bit like simultaneously buying and selling stolen goods and buying and selling goods that have not been stolen.

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