Monday, March 15, 2010

Thoughts on Gaza

P2P software and the iMac mean that I can watch that "great" British telly that I have never really missed and there I am drifting into a "Coronation Street reality" but, pulling myself back and not really giving a monkeys as to whether Gail killed her husband or not. Good sense and sensitivity prevail,  click and it is onto Channel 4 and there I am watching the tail end of "Dispatches" from Gaza. "The tail end" but just to enough to learn that a little kid who desperately needed an operation, didn't get it, couldn't get out, and died. Gail pails not into insignificance but into oblivion, an irrelevance, a funny drug to stop us thinking. The kid in Gaza is dead and the blockade passes its 1,000th day, the real criminals are in Jerusalem not in Coronation Street.

In Gaza, outside Gaza city and off the coast of Gaza; the Israeli navy attacks poor fishermen trying to eek a living out of the sea and a people under siege put their lives in danger by sneaking into Egyptian waters or they turn to their "illegal" tunnels to bring in fish by land, in ice-packed boxes. If you don't get the picture, it is like this; cross the 5.5 kilometre line imposed by the Zionist bully boys and you will be blown out of the water. Inside that line the waters are over fished and inside Gaza the people are going hungry.

Going hungry and to the north of Gaza city an Israeli buffer zone has rendered 30 percent the Gaza strip's best agricultural land off limits. Farming land is destroyed, fishers are abducted, nothing is allowed in and nothing is allowed out, not even a dying child in need of hospital treatment.  However, do the criminals in Jerusalem really know what they are doing? Nine year old Amal has shrapnel lodged in her brain and we might consider her to be lucky as she has papers which will allow her to travel to Tel Aviv for treatment. Only one problem here though and the little girl tells the 'Independent' "I'm scared to go to Israel. From the Jews. I'm frightened they might kill me." Well, with a piece of shrapnel in her brain because of the IDF bully boys we can understand her fears. Nevertheless, she has no need to worry, after all, they don't kill children in Tel Aviv. Yes, in Tel Aviv there is a "Coronation Street' reality"! No, Amal, they will wait until you get back to Gaza to kill you.

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