Saturday, March 27, 2010

Zionist logic: They only have to stop defending themselves

According to the 'Guardian' two Israeli soldiers and two Palestinians have been killed in"the worst fighting in Gaza for a year". The seriousness of the incident is compounded by 'The Times', which reports: "Both sides blamed each other for triggering the violence, in which two Israeli soldiers and several Palestinians were killed" and then goes on to tell us "Israeli tanks have rolled into Gaza after two soldiers killed int he worst clashes for 14 months," while 'Haaretz' goes on to inform us that another soldier who was wounded in the clash is now in a serious condition.

Should we neglect the necessary bottom up skills to get to the nitty gritty of this, "another Zionist crime", the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, is in great danger of being victimised once again, for if we stop at the bit about the tanks rolling in after Palestinian "militatnts" had shot on Israelis, or if we only get to the bit about the Israeli military saying that "a soldier and an officer were killed in a battle with what it said were terrorists planting explosives along the Gaza boundary fence", we might all too easily forget that the Israelis, when they were killed, were five hundred metres inside Palestinian territory. Oh, and the Palestinians should not be planting explosive devices on their side of the border in a feeble attempt to at least slow down the IDF bully boys. However, for another piece of cheeky chutzpah, what about the following: The Israel Defence Force has blamed Hamas, with an official saying that "The IDF holds Hamas as solely responsible for maintaining peace and quiet in the Gaza Strip." Yes, here they go again, with their whining, moaning, "it isn't our fault", "we are only defending ourselves" crap and the Palestinians are responsible despite the 'Independent' reporting Gazan doctors as saying that "a 23 year old civilian was killed in the clash, and five other Palestinians wounded," and Hamas and another faction that took part in the fighting saying that they lost no men while the 'Ma'an News Agency' reports that Israeli bulldozers and planes have flattened Palestinian homes and killed civilians. All of this, and more, of course, added to the fact that the Israelis, soldiers from the same criminal army which indiscriminately slaughtered civilians a year ago, were on Gazan soil when they were attacked. Piece the whole story together and the Israeli version of events, once again, becomes more than a trifle absurd.

The Israelis impose a blockade, when this doesn't break the will of the people of Gaza, in go the planes, the tanks and the infantry to maim and murder and then, before the dust has settled there they are again, the IDF bully boys, back in bullying at their leisure, and when the Palestinians dare to resist they are held responsible for "maintaining peace and quiet".  Oh, and the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth; well it is there even in the moronic mainstream media, the other side to the story and from the Palestinian side we hear a spokesman saying, "An Israeli army force raided 500 metres into Palestinian territory, and was confronted by our gunmen" before adding. "This was our work, but was carried out for defence." Of course, that is exclusively for those of us who have actually managed to get past the bit about the two tanks rolling in after two soldiers have been killed, and the bit about Palestinians being responsible for keeping the peace and quiet and for those of us who have got that far, we might even have learned enough to know that there aren't two sides to this story at all and that the Palestinians were, indeed, defending themselves.

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calgacus said...

Completely right James - the headline would have been very different if Hamas gunmen had gone 500 metres into Israeli territory.

I suspect Netanyahu is trying to provoke the Palestinians as much as possible by combining this kind of incursion - and shooting Palestinian teenagers armed only with stones in the head (as you noted in an earlier post), along with new claims to more of the Temple Mount (used by the late Ariel Sharon to start the second intifada). Then he can claim that the Palestinians have chosen "violence" over talks to try to justify taking more of their land, water and homes by force.