Sunday, March 28, 2010

The story of Major Peretz's mother, two soldiers and Yaweh

With a history where Catholics and Protestants burned each other, along with Jews, Muslims and anyone else who didn't follow the principal of  "Cuius regio, illius et religio", with Empire building and the subjugation of native peoples all over the world by cross carrying, hymn singing, psyopaths, with a Holocaust that was perpetrated by people who were for the most part, at least nominally Christian, and with the latest binge of post 2001 crusading, it would be totally wrong to point the finger at that vengeful Yaweh of the 'Old Testament' when it comes to appropriating blame for ethnic cleansing, mass murder and, yes, even genoicide. Nevertheless, it was to 'Yaweh' that my mind drifted when I read an article in today's 'Haaretz' which reproted that: "Thousands attended the funerals on Sunday of Major Eliraz Peretz and Staff Sergeant Ilan Sviatkovsky, the Israel Defense Forces officer and soldier killed during a shootout with Gaza militants." The article then started by concentrating mainly on major Eliraz Peretz's funeral and stated that  friends and family give heartwarming speeches and praised the dead officer. 

Of course, with family and friends one would expect mourning to have dominated the proceedings and, perhaps it did. After all, I wasn't there. However, with only 'Haaretz's' report to rely on, and it is rather pointless looking to the 'Jerusalem Post' for a "second opinion", the impression that I got was that, at least,  that sort of grief, which is capable of stretching out a hand to the other side, took a back seat and only shone through once when Peretz's mother said; "There's no mother, here or on the other side, who wants to lose her children." Noble sentiments and no sign of Yaweh here. Unfortunately, we then go on to read that the Brigade Commander of Golani, Colonel Avi Peled, said "Thank you my brother, we will continue your way of commanding soldiers and defending the nation." Well, there they are "defending the nation" in Gaza and one could only hope that the dead officer's mother had the opportunity to talk to Colonel Peled and tell him once again that neither she nor any other mother wants to lose their children. 

However, my particular contempt is reserved for Yehuda Ish-Shalom, who is reported as being Major Peretz's best friend and who disgracefully completed his eulogy with a "Don't you worry, we will avenge your death against those who hurt you." My mind turned to Yaweh' and to an ignorant vengeful man who, despite his direct involvement in ethnic cleansing and murder, doesn't even comprehend how much he has hurt others and, who knows, perhaps Major Peretz's mother also had the opportunity to talk to him at the funeral. If that was so and if he and his Brigade Commander listened at all, then Major Peretz's death would not have been in vain.

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