Saturday, April 10, 2010

Don't think, be a Zionist

Was having a look at Gilad Atzmon's blog this evening, or rather I watched the short clip entitled "Student Outreach at AIPAC - revolting beyond belief" there, and revolting it was. So much so, that I won't expose you to it here but if you really want to be sick, click on the link and have a look at it.

The "Student Outreach" is all about convincing tomorrow's leaders to support Israel and, once again, there was the vociferous, loud mouthed, Alan Dershowitz giving voice to the Zionist cause, while this time also telling a crowd of impressionable young "minds", that they should not accept their teachers' views on Israel. Of course, one would have to assume that they should not accept any anti-Israeli views. One wonders, if this idiot cannot actually be charged here? After all, we might at least hope that any university teacher offering his or her opinions on Palestine and Israel would be doing so after they have reached some sort of hypothesis of their own. Moreover, we would have to assume that, in light of the evidence at hand, one can only conclude that Israel is founded on the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians, on a historical myth that is coupled with the myth that those who are actually living in Israel today are linked to the Hebrew people who lived there a long, long time ago. Not, of course, to mention the long list of blatant crimes against Palestinians and other people in the Middle East and the non-compliance with one UN resolution after the other that has paved the history of this criminal state since its inception.

Nevertheless, there we have Alan telling a group of young students that they should not accept anti-Israel rhetoric from their teachers and we would have to assume that he means no matter what their qualification. Of course, he and the rest of the, if not mentally, at least, morally challenged at the conference don't seem to care that academia is about weighing evidence and reaching your own conclusions and when it comes to the evidence we might point to a number of things. Firstly, regarding the ethnic cleansing; it would now appear that everyone, even Zionist historians, since and including Benny Morris, would accept that there was an ethnic cleansing but only differ as to whether it was morally right or not. My own conclusion being that ethnic cleansing is always immoral and always criminal. That brings us on to the myth and really that incredible nonsense is so ridiculous to any sane person that it is not worth discussing and, finally, there is the blatant flauting of international law while committing crime after crime.

Read John Quigley's 'The Case for Palestine', would be my advice to these young "intellectuals" and they might even follow that up with Norman Finkelstein's, 'Image and Reality of the Israel-Palestine Conflict'. However, if these "leaders of tomorrow" these young "intellectuals", don't have the cognitive depth for the type of literature that their professors read and, indeed, write, might I just suggest that they at least try to look at the clip embedded above. It shows that very same Norman Finkelstein, who I have just mentioned and who exposed Alan Dershowitz for the half wit that he is, or might be, if it were not for the fact that he is less of a half wit than just one more vociferous, vindictive, viper, spineless to the core and without a modicum of academic credibility. However, looking at those young "minds", .... well, I am just not too sure that they will prefer the thinking man's option.

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