Sunday, April 11, 2010

What happens when a pope dies?

John Pilger's marvelous exposé on Obama's first hundred days hits the nail on the head. Much of a muchness after those first hundred days too with the people who voted for him  getting a watered down version of the Health Reform Bill and the rest of the world seeing the war in Afghanistan escalate and being offered a farcical reduction in arms as a placebo.

No academic caution there and while I have left myself wide open, I will let you do your own googling on it, just take my word for it, farcical, farcical, farcical and my mind drifts to Tony and 1997 and there we were, deceiving ourselves and actually thinking that Tony after the Tories would bring some sort of a socialist treat to alleviate the capitalist threat. Four years down the road and by the time we saw the smirking, smiling, smug, supercilious, Tony speaking to parliament only five days after 9/11, we should all have known not only the measure of the man but also, and more importantly, the nature of the system that we live in. Yes, we had been living in cloud cuckoo land.

Therefore, there will be no following the charade, that is the election run-up in Britain, with any particular intensity, certainly not interested in the "leaders wives", and there will be no extra crying over the Polish president's death in an aircrash that also killed 95 others. The lesson has been long since learned and I am reminded of that "old pope joke": "What happens when a pope dies?" ......... "Up popes another one."

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