Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The war is not meant to be won

There they were only a couple of months ago in their mythical "war on terror" fighting their "mother of all battles" in Marja, the city that never was. Their "Stalingrad", the "make-or-break" battle, the "pivotal test" of Obama's Afghanistan strategy and two months down the road off they go "trumpty-trump" on the road to Kandahar and to just one more "make-or-break" battle, just one more "pivotal test" and the only truth that might be relevant to the home front is that we indeed find ourselves locked in an Orwellian eternal war and "the war is not meant to be won, it is meant to be continuous."

The 'New York Times' reports that the offensive into Kandahar will follow a first offensive, into the hamlet of Marja, that is showing mixed results." We can only assume that the "Marja" in question is the same one that the same paper referred to as "a city of about 80,000"  as recently as February 25th. "Hamlet" or "city of about 80,000"?  However, what does it matter and the Pentagon and its propaganda boys at COIN (Counter Insurgency) ominously follow their directives from the strategists in Washington's 'Ministry of Truth' but the real truth, is that there are no battles to be won in this war, because this is the war that is not meant to be won. 

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