Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Daniel Finkelstein wants us to pay for his daily drivel or, perhaps, more appropriately, as 'News International' owns the 'Times' and 'Sunday Times', Rupert Murdoch does. Now, that was something, which I didn't really consider in my earlier post and, forgetting all about the reason behind the 'Times' demise as a newspaper, it didn't occur to me that Mr Murdoch has ways and means to get your pound a day or two pounds per week for the subscription.

Roy Greenslade reports in his blog in the 'Guardian' that the 'Times' websites will be getting into bed with Sky and the marvelous cooperation begins to take shape; Sky recordings through remote record can be set from the 'Times' and 'Sunday Times' websites, there will be an opportunity to get involved in live debates and there will be a 'Culture planner tool', which will allow you to book tickets etc through a Sky partner. However, that is not all, and the best news comes last. There will even be a cross over to Murdoch's News Cooperation NWS and the NYSE .... oh and gee that might even have subscribers to the British "version" of Murdoch's "Gleichgeschaltet" (coordinated) trash, getting their "fair and balanced" view of the world from  'Fox' in the not-too-distant future. 

Of course, with more people familiarising themselves with the techonological possiiblities available, my inclination is to believe in a rather different outcome and it would not surprise me if we found an increasing number of people stumbling onto the p2p software that avails them of anything and everything and, for the more discerning, who knows they might even stumble into an encounter with alternative media; an encounter which might even end up in them watching 'Outfoxed'. Which, hopefully, once watched and digested, will leave them reassessing their "paying relationship" with Mr Murdoch.

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