Monday, April 26, 2010

A word on young German boys dying on foreign fields

The pretext for the war in Afghanistan was based on a lie as big as the one about Saadam and his weapons of mass destruction. Schroeder gained political capital at home by ostensibly keeping Germany out of the Iraq war, while American troops travelled to Iraq and Afghanistan through Leipzig, Ramstein Air Base and the commercial airprot at Hahn. The Americans allowed Schroeder to play his political games and although they were to appear upset, the reality is and always was two wars of aggression were prepared from German soil. However, in Iraq no direct involvement by German soldiers, meant that there was a certain public apathy and  "public apathy enabled the leaders to ignore voters."  However, as German boys return from Afghanistan to the 'Heimat' in wooden boxes, people are increasingly asking, "why?"

That is why, with today's 'Süddeutsche Zeitung' reporting the Defence Minister, Karl-Theodor zu Guttenburg, as saying that the dead and wounded will accompany Germany's operations in the future and not only in Afghanistan, it is, perhaps, time for all German citizens. but in particular German politicians, to revisit Article 26  of the German Basic Law (Grundgesetzt), which explicitly prohibits wars of aggression being prepared on German soil. Moreover, with 'WikiLeaks' publishing a CIA Red Cell Special Memorandum which shows that the agency is about to launch a PR campaign in Western Europe to shore up support for the Afghanistan war, it might be good if they were to do this today rather than tomorrow. The manufacturers of consent are already hard at work and in the days, weeks and months to come "Otto Normalverbraucher" will be pounded with drivel á la "defeat in
Afghanistan could expose Germany to terrorism, opium, and refugees". "However, it is not too late and Otto can counter that nonsense with a "what about the Constitution?"  ..... and the law is the law, is the law, is .........

In Germany they say, "Die Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt" ("hope dies last"), unfortunately, with Karl-Theodor zu Guttenburg asking the families of the fallen soldiers for "forgiveness", while at the same time warning them to expect further casualties,they might indeed be hoping in vain. Yes, the gormless puppets will undoubtedly fall into line, no visionary among them and there they are too comfortable in their roles as dogsbodies, sidekicks and henchmen. Therefore, while so much could be achieved if just one of them were to break ranks with Washington, it is extremely unlikely that that will happen. Nevertheless, let us make no mistake about it, while kids from the USA and UK are being sacrificed in what is an illegal war according to international law, Germans are now not only ignoring international law, but also their own Constitution and in a not too distant future they wake up and "2+2 = 5", "war is peace"  and as they enter year 20 of the "war on terror", "Big Brother" is watching them.

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