Saturday, May 22, 2010

Elvis Costello cancels his concerts in Israel

Elvis Costello, the British singer and song writer has cancelled two concerts that he was supposed to give in Israel in protest at its treatment of Palestinians. 'Haaretz' says that it he has done so for "political reasons" he has said that he acted on "conscience". Nevertheless, both reasons are good enough for me and we can all take our hats off to Elvis who joins a long list of perfomers, including Santana and Gil Scott-Heron, who have decided not to play in Israel.

However, insignificant some of us think this gesture might be, believe me it hurts and it certainly hurts more than the Palestinian children who are shot when throwing stones in a futile attempt to resist the occupation. Therefore, once more, well done, Elvis and as you were always at decent musician, I will include a little clip of you singing in this post.

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