Friday, May 21, 2010

Who is more upper class; David Cameron or Nick Clegg?

Well, there was me dipping into Daniel Finkelstein's "quality journalism" this evening as I perused a particularly "heavyweight" article entitled; "Cameron and Cleg: who is more upper crust?" Yes, the accompanying drivel to the 'Times' journalist, Howard Jacobsen's recent assumptaion that "Clegg and Cameron have power because there aren't enough people educationally equipped to seize it from them." Education and the upper crust are synonymous, it would appear.

Anyway, back to today's nonsense and we are informed that they are not the same species of posh and that "David Cameron is Eton-Oxford-country- clubby-cutglass-shooting party sort of posh", while "Nick Clegg is Westminster-Cambridge- metropolitan-foreign-glottalstop-trustfund sort of posh." The drivel continues and we even get to read that Clegg's "great uncle was clubbed to death by his own peasants, which carries a certain aristo-cachet." "Aristo-cachet, and that would appear to suggest that Nick's great uncle has a sort of aristocrat seal of approval because of his being clubbed to death by his own peasants. Well, don't worry Nick, come the revolution, we will put you and David up against a wall and shoot you. That is, if it is an aristocratic seal of approval you are looking for.

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