Saturday, May 15, 2010

Howard Jacobson tells us why Cameron and Clegg are in power

A friend directed me to an article by a certain Howard Jacobson in today's 'Independent', the title of which was, 'Here is why the elite are in charge'. Mr Jacobson immediately tells us why in the sub-heading, writing, "Clegg and Cameron have power because there aren't enough people educationally equipped to seize it from them." Oh right, well at least there is an indication there that it has to be "seize" from them.

What follows is an almost incoherent article that pretends to some sort of eloquent thesis to support the author's plaidoyer that "education" is what he understands by "education" and, if we were foolish enough to agree with that understanding then his premise that "social mobility through education is a wonderful ideal, but first we have to provide the education", might be accepted. At this point, however, my mind drifts back to the interview that I had with the admissions tutor at Kings College Cambridge, some twenty three years ago, and being told, more or less, that Kings would mould me but that it would ultimately be what I want. No, I didn't go to Kings Cambridge.

That is the "education" that Mr Jacobson is referring to and it might be added that very few revolutionaries have walked through the cloisters of Oxford in particular, although, of curse we did have the Cambridge "apostles", and weren't they a strange lot? No, the fact is that Mr Howard's "education" perpetuates a narrow minded little "elite", and at least he got the inverted commas right, that is only there to serve certain vested interests since time immemorial and when it comes to politics, we can rest assured that these people are absurd nonentities who could quite easily stand in for one another, but when it comes to real thinking and effecting that real change, which might be the goal of a real education, they are totally useless. No, Mr Howard, we are not not "educationally equipped", we are just too clever and too moral, to be moulded and shaped by a farcial system which is not about education in its broader sense but rather about training a worthless bunch of self perpetuating, self serving lackies who ultimately possess a similar amount of moral fibre and suffer from the same myopia as that disgusting "kleinbürger" class, which capital propelled to power on the 30th of January 1933. Doesn't the truth hurt?

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