Thursday, May 20, 2010

Is Pyongyang responsible for the sinking of a South Korean warship?

Pyongyang has denied involvement in the sinking of a South Korean warship in March, which saw 46 sailors die. China has urged restraint and called for cool heads all around, while refraining from criticising North Korea. However, with a report being published by a team of "international" experts from the US, Australia, Britain and Sweden, there can be no doubt that the Pyongyang was behind this and we can forget any other possible explanations for the sinking including including a possible accidental collision with an unexploded sea mine left over from the Korean War. Or, can we?

Well, while we have a token Swede, there are some familiar faces in the panel of "international experts" and who knows there might also be some truth in North Korea's assertion "the South's conservative government was using the incident for political gain and to further undermine ties between the two Koreas." Of course, with North Korean threatenng to respond to any punitive action taken against it with World War III, we cannot dismiss the fact that Kim Jong-il and the government in Pyongyang might just be capable of anything. However, we just don't know; we really don't! Therefore, with US State Department spokesman PJ Crowley, saying, that "there will definitely be consequences,”it is really China's foreign ministry. Spokesman Ma Zhaoxu,  who said that "all parties should stay calm and exercise restraint", we should listen to on this one.

Yes, the truth is that there are more than a few crazies around in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, which has got to be one of the strangest "democracies" on the planet. Nevertheless, it is not as if the CIA are not capable of delivering false pretexts to start wars or anything like that and wouldn't it be a right bummer if this incident were to trigger off a nuclear war on the Korean peninsula when Pyongyang is actually telling the truth. Of course, even if they are lying and did cause the death of the forty six sailors, it might just be a good idea to tread softly anyway and, we would all be well advised, when we read of "international experts" discussing anywhere apart from Uncle Sam and his cronies, just to look at exactly where those experts are from.

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