Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Israel becoming increasingly isolated

They really are a disgusting, loathesome criminal collection of peole, aren't they? Israel warns that it is going to block an international flotilla carrying some 10,000 tons of medical equipment, housing material and other supplies to Gaza and if you weren't sure why, Yigal Palmor, a spokesman for the Israeli Foreign Ministry, tells us tha "ships that make their own way to Gaza don't do anything to help the people there."

No doubt, they will stop the flotilla and the, among the "other supplies", chocolate from reaching the children of Gaza. However, the good news is that with the flotilla including three boats from IHH, a Turkish organisation, which is supported by Ankara, we can expect diplomatic relations between Turkey and Israel to deteriorate. Yes, as little Abdullah might not get his bar of chocolate but at least we could find ourselves moving closer to a situation where Israel finds itself ostracized among nations.

If this seems like wishful thinking we were also informed by the 'Global BDS Movement's' website on saturday that Dublin City Council have refused to renew or sign any contracts with the French multinational Veolia. The company operate Israeli rail, bus and waste services in the illegally occupied West Bank and are, therefore, complicit in Israel’s contravention of the Fourth Geneva Convention and the good news just keeps on coming with us also being told that sales of products from Agrexco, which is the main exporter of produce from Israel and the occupied territories, has just been announced by the major Italian supermarket chains, COOP and Nordiconad. Now let us see what happens with the flotilla and if the supermarket giants follow through on their promises.

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