Wednesday, May 26, 2010

IDF to block Gaza freedom flotilla

Choking to death in a Seville cafe and not wanting to stay long enough to get a longer post done today. Therefore, coming up for air, if you can get any air in this ashtray, and I notice that the IDF have vowed to block the international aid flotilla from reaching Gaza. Still, our ever generous Zionists have offered to deliver the "activists" cargo.

"As soon as they leave their interim port in Cyprus, the activists will receive warnings against entering Gaza's coastal waters.  According to a decree signed by Defense Minister Ehud Barak, ships are forbidden to come within 20 miles of the shore." Therefore, still in Cypriot, or in other words, EU water, they will receive warnings and when they are still outside Israeli territory they will be intercepted. Now, added to the other criminal charges against them, we might add the one of piracy.

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Anonymous said...

A very perceptive insight.