Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A quick little ditty on Blighty getting a "brand new" Prime Minister

Well, there they are Cameron and Clegg, each other have found, and one wonders what the "old school ties" were doing in the background? A full coaltion we are told, and lo and behold, David now sees a pressing need for "electoral reform". Yes, off we go, toe to toe, Clegg is no wig, but if you forgive my dig, it is David whose tail will wag and he has got his fag and on BBC World he has just said that "Blighty's" best days lie ahead, yes they are all in whirl, they know their place in the world, I shouldn't  be rude, but really it is not good, that these twats from the public school are once again in a position to rule. However, we have to be fair and they were always there and that has to be the point, Cameron, Brown, Blair, Clegg, Thatcher, Cameron, Milliband, Hague etc., we shouldn't give a toss, this is a crew who knows their boss, big business and the city, will continue to rule ..... yes, believe me my friend, nothing has changed, and if you think it has, you are possibly deranged. Or, do you really think that we are going to wake up tomorrow to discover that British troops have left Afghanistan? No, out of the fire and into the frying pan!

Yes, I have been my lads, I have seen my lads and while you will find it all over, on returning from London, well there are those who live in clover and from Waterloo to Liverpool Street, and down in Threadneedle Street, today, what can one say, well, not to make a fuss but over there you can almost smell the "them and us" and while it is very much much of a muchness in Cameron-Clegg, we really have a gem, a lucid example of "them", so we might even be happy and keep our cool, for this is a couple who cannot fool, who appear to be catching up for missing out at school, so let us finally attach our tag and lable them David the wag and Nick his fag.

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Jordan Jordanovich said...

Just to say- Brilliant post!