Wednesday, May 12, 2010

David and David, the faces of British politics to come

The faces that will define the next twenty years or so of British politics are out in the open and on a day that the rather snotty nosed little public school boy, David Cameron, hails the “historic and seismic shift” in British politics, David Miliband announces his candidacy for the leadership of the Labour Party and with David's brother, Ed, almost certain to challenge his brother, we could very probably have, at least, a "Cameron vs Miliband" farce in the mother of parliaments and, who knows we might even have a  "David, David" show. Still, first things first, and we have the "historic and seismic shift" in British politics to look forward to.

Still, on a personal level, the Liberal Democrats being in on the act at the beginning has left me rubbing my greedy little hands in glee and their probably being able to implement their policy of raising the minimum tax income threshold to £10,000 will in all probabilty mean that my stints in the UK can now be extended until that threshold is reached. Oh, the egomania of Westminster and its greedy nonentities is getting to me and I am even beginning to think like these people. Now, what was it Marx said about our being in society?

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