Monday, June 7, 2010

Internal military investigation into Israeli Navy's deadly raid

'Haaretz'  reports: "The Israel Defense Forces announced on Monday that it would conduct an internal military investigation into the Israeli Navy's deadly raid of a humanitarian aid convoy bound for the Gaza Strip." One might be tempted to pick up on that piece of news by agreeing with a reader who comments that it will be a bit like North Korea carrying out it's own investigation for torpedoing the South Korean Naval ship. However,we would do well to rember that Pyongyang  has denied involvement in the sinking of the South Korean warship in March, which saw 46 sailors die. Now, knowing the nature of the regime in North Korea, we might, quite rightly, be sceptical. Nevertheless, on looking at how the so-called panel of "international experts"was made up, while also being aware of past CIA shennanigans the jury might quite rightly still be out on that one.

On the other hand, our Zionist whingers were caught in flagrante delicto, nine activists were murdered in international waters and Israel's leaders have, quite simply, once again revealed themselves to be bumbling, brutal fools, with nothing but contempt for international law. Moreover, we would also do well to remember that Israeli leaders rabbit on at great lengths about what a wonderful democracy they have, what a law abiding state Israel is, how noble their IDF is, whereas the North Koreans say either very little, confining themselves to a simple denial, or nothing at all. Of course, we are hardly going to want to rush off and join Kim Jong-il's "workers' and farmers' paradise" and if you are Jewish, I would certainly recommend a life in Israel as a preferable alternative. However, if we are talking about contempt for international law Israel has its nose out in front and if we are talking about the menace which it poses for its neighbours it is winning by a mile and if we are talking about hypocrisy, it really is no contest. Yes, it really is time to rein these people in.

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