Sunday, June 6, 2010

Telling lies, lies and more lies

Oh right, it would appear that yesterday's post was a bit presumptuous and the real news does have a terrible habit of catching up on us. Yes, it would have been appropriate to have chewn the cud on the authenticity of the "go back to Auschwitz" comment. After all, the "proof" that a passenger on the 'Marvi Marmara', which the "brave" IDF boys boarded in international waters to kill a "few terrorists", said that was supplied by who? Correct, by the very same IDF.

Now, the evidence is coming out that the IDF audio is totally fabricated. Surprise, surprise and did we really and can we really expect anything else from these people? Ali Abunimha writes: "On hearing the recording Adam Shapiro, co-founder of the International Solidarity Movement, identified the woman's voice as that of his wife Huwaida Arraf, chair of the Free Gaza Movement. However, Arraf was not aboard the Mavi Marmara. She was aboard one of the small passenger vessels in the six-boat flotilla, called Challenger 1. She recounted what she experienced on Russia Today, among other major media outlets (video below). It would appear that Israel has once more been caught fabricating evidence in its desperate effort to justify its violent assault on the Free Gaza Flotilla, a civilian convoy carrying humanitarian aid to the blockaded Gaza Strip." Well, we have that type of academic caution in that one that we never get from "our" apparently so "100% sure" Israel. However, it might just be that my little analysis from yesterday has now been rendered superflous. Nevertheless, this shouldn't deflect from the fact that Israel is indeed in the process of decending into the depths of depravity and that in denying its true nature it will, indeed, continue to tell lies, lies and more lies but is that possible and is it not what they have always done?


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Great new photo!

Anonymous said...

As we know, the more often you state nonsense as a fact, the more people will eventually believe it. Israel has talented PR people who can counteract the regular damage their government inflicts on the image of the country. The Palestinians need a good PR agency working for them, too.