Saturday, June 5, 2010

Israel and the descent into the abyss

Apparently, Israel has released a recording of a passenger responding to a warning from an Israeli Navy radio operator with a  "Shut up, go back to Auschwitz."No doubt, this will be seen by "our" myopic Zionists as futher evidence that a motley crew of terrorists and anti-Semites were on board the flotilla which was heading for Gaza earlier this week. Of course, it would never dawn on these people that the said passenger was very probably equating the Israeli military with those brainwashed perverts who had the audacity in 1945 to tell us, "Ich habe nur meine pflicht getan" ("I have only done my duty"). Still, if Israel and the Israelis want to seek solace they can seek it in the fact that while they are most certainly brainwashed, they have, for the most part, not quite reached the depths of depravity experienced by our sadistic "Herrenrasse". Nevertheless, the ongoing ethnic cleansing and a total disregard for international law, coupled with the necessary mass myopia mean that the conditions for the required further descent into the abyss are already there.

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