Sunday, June 20, 2010

They are going to permit civilian products for the civilian population

The 'Guardian' reports: "Israel agreed tonight to a significant easing of its blockade of Gaza under intense pressure from the international community after its deadly interception last month of boats attempting to break the siege." "Under intense pressure from the international community" only after their piracy in international waters? The pressure has been there since this illegal blockade began and it always was unsustainable.

Nevertheless, there we have Jerusalem resisting vindictively to the last to bow to the inevitable and Netanyahu's spokesman, Mark Regev, tells us that "the aim of the new policy is to permit "civilian products for the civilian population". Is Mark refering to the same civilian population that his government has been depriving of basics since January 2006 and who the IDF terrorised eighteen months ago? Now, they are going to "permit" them to eat, drink and rebuild their homes - which at some point in the future, no doubt, will be bombed again. They really don't understand that they are not in a position to be permitting anything and one can only wonder at an international community that still permits them to get away with this.

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Anonymous said...

I suppose we could unfortunately say that as the likelihood of the UN/USA taking action against Israel is minimal, Israel is actually in a very good position to be permitting whatever they like. Thank you for this blog entry.