Thursday, July 8, 2010

IDF provides evidence that Hezbollah is getting ready for an urban war

More dangerous war mongering to come out of Israel as 'Haaretz' informs us that, deprived of bases in the countryside because of the UN presence there, Hezbollah is getting ready for urban warfare. The newspaper reports: "Israel's military on Wednesday offered evidence of what it says is a growing threat from Hezbollah in southern Lebanon, using aerial images to highlight the militants group's activities in towns and villages close to the Israeli border."

Of course, there will, at least, be some people who suspect ulterior motives behind this statement. Might it be that Israel wants to punish the Lebanese people for not surrendering back in 2006 even if that means dropping bombs and slaughtering civilians in populated areas, they could be thinking? Of course, those who assert such nonsense are just sceptics who don't believe anything the Israeli military says? After all, the IDF has actually provided 'Haaretz' with a photograph as proof and as you can see photographs do not lie. It really is amazing that these mad bastards are still getting away with nonsense like this.

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