Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Obama believes that Netanyahu is "a man of peace" and doesn't that sound familiar?

Obama believes that Israel is taking risks for peace and that Netanyahu is a "man of peace" and we can go back some eight years and there was his predecessor, George W Bush, referring to Ariel Sharon, the man responsible for the slaughter of innocents which occured in Sabra and Shatila between September the 16th and 18th 1982, as "a man of peace" in the wake of new massacres which had just been perpetrated by the IDF thugs on the people of Jenin.

The faces change but the grotesque farce continues and the sane among us might ask, how can people who are responsible for the massacre of thousands of men women and children, who ignore international law and who continue to illegally occupy someone else's land, who lord it over the people of Gaza and the West Bank and bring terror to the whole region be praised as "people of peace"?  However, this is not a sane world. It is a world where the past its expiry date, "dim-witted president" brand can be replaced by a new "more intelligent smooth talker" brand, not to end the farce but rather to perpetuate it and as the "men of peace" continue their land grab and ethnic cleansing of Palestine, Obama continues his own series of murders around the globe, picks up the Noble Peace Prize in the process of doing so and continues to spout out the kind of spin that is all too reminiscent of that other prize hypocrite, Tony Blair, and why, oh why, do we listen to their shite?

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