Saturday, July 31, 2010

Uncle Sam and his cronies kill innocents and Julian Assange supposedly endangers lives

The 'Guardian' reports the US defence secretary, Robert Gates, as claiming that WikiLeaks has not only endangered the lives of American troops, its allies and Afghan partners but that its revelations may also damage America's "relationships and reputation in that key part of the world." Well, if someone is suspected of murder their reputation and relationships with all and sundry wouldn't be the best. Of course, the suspect might prove the allegations wrong and then, perhaps, express indignation because of the false accusations and maybe even claim damages for slander. However, here the information published points to the murderer actually being guilty and really, Robert, it is quite absurd to expect that America's "relationships and reputation in that key part of the world" can be anything but damaged.

As Julian Assange quite rightly says: "Secretary Gates speaks about hypothetical blood, but the grounds of Iraq and Afghanistan are covered with real blood." He then goes onto say that Mr Gates should hold a serious inquiry into the slaughter of the thousands of innocents. Not bad advice if he really wants to repair America's reputation and relationships in that part of the world and who knows he might even want to follow it up with a real inquiry into the reasons behind this war. Of course, neither is going to happen and we can expect to be bombarded with more illogical gobbledegook from the "no news" journalists as Washington moves onto an all out propaganda offensive to discredit WikiLeaks and the truth.

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