Friday, July 30, 2010

Taliban: We'll behead WikiLeaks informers

David Aaronovtich packages the daily drivel for the "thinking man". However, an attempt to make head or tail of his verbose newspeak requires a similar effort to that made by those pseudo intellectuals who on reading some not easy to understand work from some German philosopher turn away convinced that it must be good because they didn't quite understand it. However, unlike with a Hegel, Kant, Neitzsche or Schopenhauer, such an effort with Mr Aaronovitch we be to no avail as he cannot be understood. Not only is he verbose, but he is also also quite simply illogical. Or is he seriously suggesting that a journalist has no right to disclose facts?

David Williams, however, is no wordsmith and he makes no attempt to beguile us with a repertoire of gobblydegook verbosity. His hard hitting prose and no nonsense "facts" are straight to the point, he writes for the 'Daily Mail' and he has no need to package his nonsense for the "thinking man". "Taliban: We'll behead WikiLeaks informers" he tells us and goes on to produce his source for this revelation, for his "proof" that Julian Assange has been totally irresponsible in wanting to inform the public of the truth. He writes: "In their first response since WikiLeaks placed thousands of documents online detailing the names and locations of anti-Taliban informers, the Afghan militants said "we know how to punish them," a reference to beheading, the usual Taliban punishment reserved for 'traitors'." Now if the unremorseful Julian Assange cannot accept the "eloquent" Mr Aaronovitch when he says that WikiLinks has no right to disclose facts, surely he must still be worried about the consequences of his actions as outlined by the man from the 'Daily Mail' because the man from that particular rag knows the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. After all, the Taliban told him.

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