Friday, August 20, 2010

Direct talks between Abbas and Netanyhu and we have the hasbara crowd pulling out the Northern Ireland card

They do confront us with the most unadultared nonsense, don't they? We had, and have, the now so-called "Middle East envoy," that marvelous man who got them all talking on the green island,Tony Blair blabbering on about how the "Northern Irish" conflict resolution, the "peace process", might be a model for Palestine and today we can read that that other marvelous man who got them all talking on the green island, George Mitchell, who, surprise, surprise is today another  we have so-called "Middle East envoy", is drawing on his experience as a Northern Ireland peace broker.

He tells us: "In a sense in Northern Ireland we had about 700 days of failure and one day of success and we approach this task with the same determination to succeed, notwithstanding the difficulties and notwithstanding the inability to get a final result so far. Past efforts at peace that did not succeed cannot deter us from trying again because the cause is noble and just and right for all concerned." Is he, therefore, saying that 700 days of useless, wasteful, silly talks, might be turned around by one day of success?

Well, if that is what you are implying George, you are seriously delusional. Apart from anything else, Messrs Kelly, Adams and McGuinness and Ms De Brun went into the "Good Friday talks" looking for a bit more cake than the piece that Netanyahu is likely to offer Mahmoud Abbas. Indeed, while there never really was a freeze on construction, with Israel now continuing to build illegal settlements officially, it is almost easy to imagine that a two state solution is nigh on impossible even now.

Still, the Palestinians could get realistic and take a very different cue from the Irish; they could demand a share of power, which in their case would imply a one state solution. Of course, is the last thing that the Zionists and their friends, including Tony and George, want. No, expect these so-called "peace talks" to break down sooner rather than later and you don't need to be a Sherlock Holmes to deduce who the mainstream media will blame for their failure.

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