Saturday, August 21, 2010

They are out to get him by hook or by crook

Well his fame certainly affords him some protection and it will be very difficult for the "we only want to talk to him" brigade to make him just disappear. However, with Swedish prosecutors issuing an arrest warrant against Julian Assange for rape the "dirty tricks" are beginning to be pulled out of the hat. Although, we could argue that the attempt to discredit Assange did in fact begin almost immediately with the mainstream media's attempt to show that the main effect of his disclosures was in fact to endanger lives. 

Nevertheless, the allegations of rape have got to take the biscuit and all the more so since the warrant, which was issued yesterday, has been cancelled less than a twenty four hours later. In view of that we might want to note Mr Assange's original reaction to the charges. Yesterday, he said that "they were without basis and their issue at this moment is deeply disturbing." "Deeply disturbing", indeed, and deeply disturbing too that the people who issued the warrant will not be investigated and we will never know their real motives. In the meantime, we await the next attempt to discredit the Wikileaks founder.

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