Wednesday, August 18, 2010

IDF soldiers suspected of theft

England and they provide you with an internet connection that is reminiscent of the "good old days", sometime before the 56 kb modem. No point in complaining; "that's how it is" they will tell you, and at times you are forced to think this really is a silly delusional little England. Still, apparently permission to post has now been "granted" and my mind is drifting back to a post which was written on June the 19th and which I have just been reminded of by a headline in today's 'Haaretz'.

"IDF soldiers suspected of theft from Gaza flotilla ship" we are informed and there was the 'Guardian' back in the middle of June reporting that "Israeli troops have been accused of stealing from activists arrested in the assault on the Gaza flotilla after confiscated debit cards belonging to activists were subsequently used." However, although the article went on to say that activists maintained that Israel also had possession of "at least £1m of goods and cash, comprising aid and personal possessions, including laptops and cameras", we were still no clearer as to what happened to those possessions until today.

Military Police have arrested an IDF officer on suspicion of stealing laptops from activists on the Gaza bound aid ship and selling them to other officers we are informed. Yes, the full extent of this dastardly crime is becoming increasingly apparent to all and sundry. However, we should not be surprised by their criminal energy. After all, these are the lads who illegally occupy someone else's land, bully, maim and murder those who they occupy and who ignore international law at will. Indeed, they are probably a little bit shocked to discover that they are actually being revealed as common criminals, as thieving scum, by their accomplices in those rather more serious crimes; crimes against humanity.

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