Sunday, August 15, 2010

Now they want to "talk to" Dr Kay

In an earlier post it was revealed that Dr Jim Swire, whose daughter was killed on panam flight 103, believed that "it would be a tragedy if he (Megrahi) is to spend what is left of the rest of his life in a Scottish prison, particularly if he is not guilty of the crime for which he was found guilty." Of course, the implication on Dr Swire's part here is that Megrahi was not guilty of the crime for which he was convicted by a Scottish court. Moreover, John Pilger, countless others, and Mr Megrahi himself do more than enough to justify Dr Swire's doubts. The evidence would indeed appear to suggest that not only was Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi framed but that the CIA was pivotal in what became the biggest travesty of justice in Scottish legal history.

Therefore, if we are to take the no news newspapers seriously as they now spout out the story that Megrahi's doctor was not a cancer expert or more especially if we are to take the story serious that in the wake of this disclosure there has been immediate calls for the Senate committe scrutinising Megrahi's realease should be allowed to interview Dr Kay, we might begin to call on our own government to invite a few of the shady American operatives who in all probability were genuinely involved in the mass murder of their fellow citizens. Of course, if this were to happen, not only would we be getting real news instead of no news, but we would also be catching real criminals. This is hardly likely to happen but it is obvious that the investigation into the early release of "the mass murderer" Megrahi is only to further deflect our attentions from pursuing an investigation into what and who was really responsible for the destruction of PanAm flight 103. Of course, if that is their intention, they are playing a dangerous games as once again attentions turn to those hypocritical psycopathic liars who at the end of the day would slaughter their own kith and kin to further the machiavellian goals of their political masters.

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