Saturday, August 7, 2010

A whiff of the Lavon Affair

According to 'Haaretz', Hamas is apparently claiming that it was Israel that fired the rockets at the Israeli and Jordanian Red Sea port resorts of Eilat and AquabaI earlier this week, which killed one Jordanian civilian. The reason, of course, was to create a pretext for another assault on the Gaza Strip. The fact that Hamas normally accepts responsibility for any attacks that it has made, makes this news particularly alarming. Here is further evidence of a state that is quite willing to attack and kill innocents, including at times its own citzens, in order to further its immoral machiavellian aim

We have a whiff of the Lavon Affair from 1954, which was named after the then Israeli Defence Minister Pinhas Lavon. In a covert action a group of Egyptian Jews, working for Israeli military intelligence, bombed Egyptian, American and British-owned installations in Egypt in the hope that the blame would be attached to "the Muslim Brotherhood, the Communists. All was revealed, Lavon was forced to resign and the incident became euphemistically known as the "unfortunate affair" or in Hebrew, "HaEsek Habish". Yes, very "unfortunate" for Jerusalem because on this occasion they were found out. Is it not time to do something about these lying scheming murderers.

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