Saturday, August 7, 2010

Will Tony Blair be prosecuted for his Iraq War Crimes?

Skimmed and scanned John Pilger's latest article, in a hard copy of the 'New Statesman', while waiting for the train from Liverpool to Birmingham; "Will Tony Blair be prosecuted for his Iraq War Crimes?" Well, he probably won't but the good news is that you never know and he might and with the Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg declaring the invasion of Iraq illegal from the government dispatch box in the Commons the odds against the mass murderer Tony being brought to trial might just have shortened despite the efforts at damage limitation by the establishment after the Liberal Democrat leader's speech.

Interestingly after skimming and scanning Pilger's article in W H Smith's there was me sitting on the train reading his book  "Hidden Agendas" and as the train  passed through Liverpool's John Lennon Airport and rumbled onto Runcorn I remained riveted as we cruised down to Crewe thinking Tony is going to get away with it. After all, they always get away with it, don't they? The terrorists who supported Suharto as he slaughtered in Indonesia and East Timor, the machiavellien madmen who palled up with Pol Pot, the sanctimonious, supercilious hypocrites who kill and coerce, cajole and conquer, they always get away with it, don't they? However, maybe, just maybe, they don't and maybe, just maybe, the question, that John Pilger is asking in his latest article is still to be answered. One thing is certain and that is,  whatever the answer, the world would become a far better place if Anthony Charles Lynton Blair were to be put on trial for war crimes and crimes against humanity. For if that were to happen we and they would know that they do not always get away with it. Yes, maybe some good might even come out of Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats in government.

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