Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Avigdor Lieberman prepares the world for the next Nakba

Avigdor Lieberman looks mentally challenged but we should not be fooled into believing that this idiot, and others like him, do not present us with a challenge of our own for when he has the audacity to stand in front of the UN and present it with "his" draft for a population and territory swap, "as part of an eventual peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians", Palestinians, especially those who constitute 20% of Israel's population, should be worried, very worried indeed! For, Avigdor is only demonstrating George Orwell's axiom that "he who controls the past controls the future, and he who controls the present controls the past”. However, here it becomes particularly absurd and there is no Palestinian past, not even a mythical one, there is only the Palestinian present and the Zionist equation is one of settlements in return for Arabs in Israel moving to a future Palestinian state.

There is no 1948, no 1967 and, indeed, with families still being evicted from their homes in the West Bank and East Jerusalem on a daily basis, there is not even a yesterday and there was me sitting watching the news on ZDF a few hours ago and hearing that the issue of settlements is the most contentious issue between Palestinians and Israelis. What the settlements is not the "most contentious" issue but rather a further chapter in an ethnic cleansing that began a long time ago. They are being built on land that is illegally occupied under international law. Mr Lieberman you have nothing to swap and the real swap might be how do you compensate the Palestinians in the diaspora? Providing, of course, the Palestinians are willing to discuss compensation in exchange for their right of return. We might doubt that they would want to do that and in doubting it at least aware that history did not begin yesterday and in being aware of that we may want to take up the challenge we have all been presented with. If we don't, then the "controllers of the present" will have their way and not only in Palestine.

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