Saturday, September 25, 2010

Amajinidad's speech, the West's reaction and Ed Miliband as the new Labour Party leader

Now Amajinidad making those accusations at the UN ... well, it is a bit like Joe Stalin calling Adolf a criminal. Well, it is, but do you know, Joe would have been hiting the nail on the head there. And then there is Obama and his "how dare you talk like that , just a couple of miles from where all those innocent people died" and we are, of course, left wondering how many American politicians have spouted off right next door to where they have ordered the slaughter of millions? Of course, not that physical proximity to the crime really matters very much in a day and age when they can kill hundreds of men, women and children using drones that are controlled from Langley and Mr "hope and change" Obama how many dead are you already responsible for?

Yes, "hope and change", what an absolute joke and it is over to "Bighty" where Ed Miliband is the new leader of the Labour Party and, therefore, the "in the not too distant future" Prime Minister of the 'Blighty' department of "Global Hypocrites' and the wiser among us, of course, know that Ed Miliband or David Miliband or Ed Balls or whoever ..... well, it really is a lot of balls isn't it? Still, the no news newspapers have got their story, a nice follow up on the no news story from yesterday where we have all the "holier than thou" politicians from the West walking out on Amajinidad's speech and we  then have the "holier than thou" "already a war criminal" Obama crticising the speech and do you know something .....  while I really am the last person who wants to live in a country where we have to keep our mouths shut while waiting for the 12th iman, the appropriately named mahdi, to appear and as much as we all might dislike Amajinidad, the real news is not to be found in yesterday's speech and in the West's reaction to it, but rather the story worth investigating is what happened on 9/11 and why did it happen? Now, if we get to the bottom of that, the "much of a muchness" men might be revealed for the insipid bunch of hypocritical criminals that they in fact are.

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