Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Palestinian resistance is important for all of us

Apparently the Anti-Defamation League's national director, Abraham H. Foxman, who was present at the meeting between Mahmoud Abbas and American Jewish leaders has said that he was impressed by the Palestinian president calling Mr.Netanyahu "my partner" and the fact that there appears to be some effort on Abbas's part to keep the negotiations open even if the settlement building began, Although, on issues, such as Jerusalem and calling Israel a Jerusalem state, the PA president has not made him happy.

Well, Abbas actually going through this pathetic charade is indicative of his being Netanyahu's partner, while his indicating that he will continue with the negotiations even if the settlement rebuilding "began" should not surprise us. After all, the settlement building never really stopped and we can be quite sure that it will officially "restart" this coming weekend. Nevertheless, we can at least rest assured that if Abbas were to give way on the issue of Jerusalem or, with more than 20% of its population Palestinian and a big chunk of it built on other Palestinians' land, if he were to call Israel a Jewish state, Israel's so-called partner in peace would be a political dodo as far as the majority of his own people are concerned. Although, might that not already be true?

Finally, we might also be asking ourselves the question what this has to do with with what is a group of American citizens, including a certain Mr Foxman, who Wikipedea lists as being an American-Russian?  Nevertheless, we know the answer to that question and in knowing it, it really is time to debunk the myth of a plucky little Israel standing on its own and in doing so we might, indeed, begin to appreciate the Palestinian people's resilience in not allowing itself to be bullied out of existence by Washington and Jerusalem. Although, at times difficult to believe, the Zionists will not succeed and this is, I believe, important, not only for the dispossessed, bereaved, maimed and bullied, in the Diaspora, in the occupied territories, in Gaza and, beyond the "green line", in Israel itself, it is important for all of us. For if they do succeed, we are all moving a little step closer to the possibility of it happening to us.

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