Thursday, October 21, 2010

Nick Clegg accuses IFS of "distorted nonsense"

The Institute for Fiscal Studies exists to provide economic analysis independent of government, political party or any other vested interests. Therefore, when Nick Clegg describes "its methods of measuring the fairness of coalition's controversial spending review as "distorted and a complete nonsense", we can conclude, that they are doing their job,that they are "independent of government, political party or any other vested interest" and that they are hitting a nail on the head when they question the fairness of the cuts.

There we all were a couple of years ago, pointing our fingers at the real culprits, the banks, and here we are now, having thrown hundreds of billions of pounds, dollars and euros at the banks, having bailed them out, having buoyed them up, got them afloat, up and running, doing very nicely thank you, making sure that the rouble keeps rolling and there is Nick and his new liberals, got themselves onto the government gravy train, and "new" metamorphoses into "neo", ..... but then was Nick and his ilk really anything else?

No, not much for Nick and his mates left to do; the "Chicago Boys" arrived almost thirty years ago and it really is time for the last remnants of keynesian economics to be given the old heave ho. However, let us de-mystify Nick the "liberal". After all, this particular non-entity is there for the longer haul with his chum David and he is only following in the footsteps of the more brazen, blatant "Iron Lady", John Major and the "socialists" Tony and Gordon. Moreover, make no mistake when this mob go to grass ...well, it's a bit like the joke: "What happens when the pope dies?" "Up popes another one!"

The "great" British democracy is on its last legs and with the "Chicago Boys" about to rape all places north of Watford, and quite a few south of it too, while throwing out what is left of Keynes, the hope is that there is still enough fight in those last legs for at least one more battle. Otherwise, lads we will be condemned to much worse than that verbal diarrhea from a group of political nonentities which is there to cloud our realities, we will be condemned to that very reality ...... a sort of "Brave New World" for some and a "1984" for others.

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Very good Jim!
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