Tuesday, November 16, 2010

News from Blighty

'Blighty' rejoices at the news that Prince William is going to marry his girlfriend Kate Middleton, while the British government throws millions of pounds in compensation, which means millions of pounds in taxpayers money, at former Guantanamo Bay detainees in order to prevent the "exposure of thousands of documents in open court on how Britain co-operated with the US on the so-called extraordinary rendition of terrorist suspect".

However, let us concentrate on the "good news" and David Cameron, has told us that "the country would join him and his wife, Samantha, in wishing the couple "great joy".  Well, I have just been talking on the phone to Archie MacDonald back in Glasgow, who has just lost his job and whose eldest son Wullie cannot get a university place despite six SCEEB 'Highers' at grade 'A', and he said he doesn't really care. Archie is not daft and he even knows that losing his job and his son not getting a place at university is not nearly as bad as it can get. After all, these people might still have extraordinary rendition and torture up their sleeves when they get really serious. Although, the good news is that 'Downing Street' assures us that in settling claims brought by 16 former Guantanamo we are seeing the end of Britain's complicity in rendition  and torture. Now, if that is true then there is indeed some good news from 'Blighty' today.


Anonymous said...

Tonight the last decent news broadcast, Channel Four News, was presumably hijacked by UK government communications operatives, who made the presenter take an unusual angle: "Were the Guantanamo ex-captives who sued the government and won only interested in the money, and less in the truth?"
It's never the message, always the messenger.

James Nelson said...

Indeed, ... the relatively recent post on Julian Assange makes exactly that point: