Sunday, November 14, 2010

Now wouldn't that be news?

It really is indicative of the absurd world that we live in when the US promises to deliver twenty F-35 fighter jets to Israel, on the proviso that construction on the West Bank is halted for ninety days. It is not only the fact that there is no mention of occupied East Jerusalem where Palestinians are being turned out of their homes and forced off of their land on a daily basis. What if there was? What does "stopping construction" for ninety days actually mean? As we saw during the last "freeze" that there was no freeze at all. However, we shouldn't even be concerning ourselves with this drivel.

The fact is that the occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem is illegal under international law and that America's "offer", even if there were a modicum of sincerity behind it, actually amounts to an open admittance of the United States aiding and abetting a crime. Washington should not be "offering" anything here, but rather there should be the demand that Israel withdraws from the occupied territories immediately. Indeed, this is what the international community requires and it is expressed all too clearly in the UN Security Council Resolution 242, which is, as are  countless other UN resolutions, simply ignored by the zionist state. Of course, one of the reasons that Israel can turn a blind eye to international law is ..... yes, you've go it, because the United States supplies it with  F-35 fighter jets and other weapons! Weapons that have been used to kill innocent civilians on numerous occassions.

Nevertheless, there we have it; the farcical charade of America playing the honest broker and putting pressure on Israel and this is reported by the international press as "news", while the real news, the 'Goldstone Report', Israeli piracy in international waters, extra judicial murder and, of course, the illegal occupation itself, kept from the front page of the mainstream media. That is, of course, if it finds its way into that media at all.

Now, wouldn't it be nice to wake up one day and open the newspaper over breakfast to read; "Washington forces Israel to accept international law" ....... "Today, President Obama demanded that there be a complete withdrawal from the occupied territories in line with UN Security Council Resolution 242, that Israel immediately lift the blockade of Gaza and that IAEA inspectors be allowed access to the nuclear facility at Dimona. The President then added that all American aid to Israel will stop within the next two weeks, while promising to stop all shipments of weapons immediately." ..... Now, wouldn't that be news?

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