Thursday, December 23, 2010

BBC Jody McIntyre interview

Stumbled on the short clip above via Norman Finkelstein's website. It is better to watch it than have me comment on it and on watching it, it really is all too clear that the the BBC's claims to impartiality are farcical to say the least. Ooops ..... me commenting again!

Anyway, the person being interviewed is called Jody McIntyre, a political acivist and journalist, he has cerebral palsy and is confined to a wheelchair. At the recent student demonstrations against the government cuts, he was dragged from his wheelchair and assaulted by the police. As already stated, no comment is really needed but it is almost hysterical when the interviewer, Ben Brown, implies that Jody might be partly to blame for being attacked by the police; after all, the police have suggested that he "rolled his wheelchair towards them".

The clip represents a marvelous little study on how ridiculous the mainstream media in fact is when it attempts to turn the aggressor into the victim and vice versa. However, enough said..... watch it and draw your own conclusions.


calgacus said...

The BBC's definition of "impartiality" (that the government line is always impartial) really is becoming a joke. They might as well just employ some parrots to repeat what government, military or police press officers say to them.

James Nelson said...

was teaching at liverpool university this summer ..... and instead of a nicely prepared lecture on the bbc's mission .... "to educate, entertain and inform" ..... i let my chinese students watch a video by john pilger on the media.
still, credit where credit is due .... and i am now off to china for another year and already researching vpn's to keep up the blog.
still, the bbc is right up there with cctv9 when it comes to "impatiality".
enjoyed your recent posts and i will leave a comment when i have time.